Workouts Lowlands Throwdown 2014 Qualifier

Workout #1 “Climb that ladder”
Ascending ladder in 16 minutes of:
Wall Ball Shots
Toes to Bar
Box Jumps
Ring Dips
The first round starts with: 4 Wall Ball Shots, 3 Toes to Bar, 2 Box Jumps and 1 Ring Dip. Each round, Wall Balls Shots increase with 4 reps, Toes to Bar with 3 reps, Box Jumps with 2 reps and Ring Dips with 1 rep.

Workout #2 “It’s complicated”
6 minutes to find your max weight for the following bar complex:
1 Hang Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Shoulder to Overhead

Workout #3 “Build it up, max it out”
Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:
15 Snatch (M: 40kg, F: 25kg)
15 Pull Ups
30 Double Unders
15 Snatch (M: 50kg, F: 35kg)
15 Pull Ups
30 Double Unders
15 Snatch (M: 60kg, F: 45kg)
15 Pull Ups
30 Double Unders
Max rep Snatch (M: 70kg, F: 55kg)

Detailed instructions and video’s:
Please watch the video’s and read the descriptions and movement standards carefully on the website!

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