“The commercial gym zombie apocalypse” (bron: CrossFit One World)

“There are some simple/not so simple ways that a CrossFit affiliate can survive the Commercial Gym Zombie Apocalypse: 1. If are gonna charge a premium price, YOU BETTER LEARN HOW TO COACH. Walking around for an entire group session and only telling someone “good job” or “you can do it” is not going to cut Read more about “The commercial gym zombie apocalypse” (bron: CrossFit One World)[…]

“Sexy Isn’t Always Better” (bron: 70sbig.com)

Sex certainly sells. There are plenty of training websites that put up scantily clad women to accumulate traffic (I’ll prove it today with the images). In fact, some of the most popular days in 70′s Big history include scantily clad ladies. The fact that pictures of me in a speedo compete for that top spot Read more about “Sexy Isn’t Always Better” (bron: 70sbig.com)[…]