CrossFit USA – vs – CrossFit Europe

“The 1st ever CrossFit Invitational presented by Reebok will be held at the ExCel Exhibit Center in London on October 13th featuring a throwdown between the US and Europe with Rich Froning as team captain of the US, and Annie Thorisdottir as team captain of Europe. The event will be broadcast live on Eurosport.” (bron:Reebok/_\CrossFit)

Rich Froning Jr (Captain)
Matt Chan
Jason Kahlipa
Julie Foucher
Rebecca Voigt
Kristan Clever

Annie Thorisdottir (Captain)
Samantha Briggs
Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir
Frederik Aegidius
Mikko Aronpaa
Numi Snaer Katrinarson

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